Communication & Leadership Club for Kids!

15 Apr

“Future Stars”, is a youth communication and leadership club, helping the young people of today become the great leaders of tomorrow! The club is open to all middle school and high school aged kids. It gives them the opportunity to become better listeners, thinkers, speakers and leaders.

The club works off a well-structured program that consists of both communication and leadership projects. There is an outlined course with achievements along the way to reach varying levels of accomplishments. The activities are fun-filled, leadership-instilling, as well as educational, including guest speaker appearances, physical activities, and team games. The members develop strong leadership, communications and team-building skills, as well as memories to last a lifetime

This program was founded by Cathey Armillas, who is the past District Governor for District 7 Toastmasters which has over 170 clubs in Oregon, SW Washington and North California. Tahseen Mohammad is currently leading and coaching the Future Stars, and is the District 7 Coordinator for the Youth Leadership programs. He is also the immediate past President of Motormouths Toastmasters club in NW Portland. Other coaches include Cathey Armillas, Simon Broad and Marc Bettinger. The Future Stars club is based off the Toastmasters model, which is a non-profit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping adults improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills. There are over 250,000 members worldwide.

Future Stars is volunteer-based program, which is offered at no cost to students or schools and is being held weekly on Saturdays from 10:30am-12:00pm at 4115 SW 160th Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon 97007. Due to resource constraints, we are putting a cap of 20 member students for the club sessions in 2012. Visitors and guests are welcome to attend any sessions.  For any questions, feel free to contact Coach Tahseen at or the youth club officers at